Coosa Lodge Patch Guide

Coosa Lodge 50 Patch,

Memorabilia & History Database

Solid Flaps


Odd Shaped Patches


Jacket Patches


Pie-Shaped Patches & Neckerchiefs


Round Patches & Event Passes


Bullion Patches


Metal Patches


Activity Patches


Chapter Patches


Miscellaneous Issues


Coosa Lodge History


Note: The patches and memorabilia items represented here reflect every issue released by the Lodge. The numbering system used in the Blue Book and/or may not reflect the exact issue number as cited in this guide. A number of issues have not been noted in the Blue Book or on and therefore create serial number sequencing issues. Please note this is only a database guide for you to reference an exact patch or item issued by the Lodge. Should you have an item that is not listed on the database or know of a designer not recognized, please let us know by e-mailing


Compiled by: Mr. Larry Faulkner; Lodge History & Memorabilia Adviser & Mr. Chris Brightwell, Lodge Webmaster; Lodge History prepared by Davis Faulkner, VC Communication 2009-10



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